FAQ – frequently asked questions

checkin-muenchen.de is a family run company. We’ve been providing furnished accommodation in beautiful Munich since 2002! For some guests, our service is new – so answers to key questions are set out below.

What kind of accommodation do you offer on your website?

checkin-muenchen.de provides furnished rooms, apartments and holiday rentals, offered primarily by private Munich residents for short stays. Our wide range of accommodation includes basic affordable rooms with shared bathroom and sometimes kitchen facilities within the host’s home (bed and breakfast style), small attic studios or rooms with private bathroom, through to fully equipped holiday homes and self-contained apartments.

Who guarantees the quality of the accommodation?

We do.
checkin-muenchen.de guarantees that the standard of the accommodation as described has been checked by us personally. We view every property before accepting it onto our website, we meet the hosts personally and remain in close contact with them, the photographs of the properties are taken by us and we write the descriptions of the accommodation ourselves.
We ensure that our hosts implement our high standards and also maintain them in the long-term. If, however, you are not satisfied with the quality of your accommodation, we would ask you to raise this with us immediately.
Also, any suggestions for improvements to our service and our properties are always welcome!

Is it possible to view properties in advance?

For short stays – no.
For bookings longer than 30 days – on request.

Advance viewings for short-term stays are unfortunately not possible for organisational reasons. If you have questions prior to your stay regarding a property, you are always welcome to contact us. As we are familiar with every property, we can certainly answer any questions.
If you are planning to make a booking for longer than 30 days and would like to view the property in advance, please let us know and we will contact the host and request an appointment.

How do I get the exact address of a property?

As soon as you have booked your accommodation, you will receive your booking documentation. This will include the contact details of your host as well as the exact address of the accommodation.
Before making a binding reservation, you are able to see the approximate location of the property on its detail webpage – with place names and street names and marked on a map.

Are bed linen and towels provided?

All properties featured on checkin-muenchen.de include bed linen and towels provided at no extra cost. If in an isolated case a property should deviate from this standard rule, this will be clearly stated in the description for that property.

What additional costs are there for a booking?

Mostly none.
The total price quoted includes all fees and expenses (rent, utilities, cleaning, service charge / VAT).
In a few isolated cases, a host may charge an additional fee for items such as electricity or internet use, or request a security deposit. However, this is specifically mentioned in the description for the particular property.
It is also possible that the host may offer additional services which are subject to additional charges, such as breakfast. These are arranged and paid for directly with the host, only after booking.

To find out whether additional services are offered and how much they cost, please refer to the detail webpage for individual properties.

Why is it that when I search more than once on the same property, different prices are quoted?

The final price may vary for several reasons:

  • Specific periods with higher prices (e.g. Oktoberfest, larger exhibitions / trade fairs)
  • Number of adult guests
  • Number and age of children, as well as selected beds
  • Negotiation through a booking partner
Will I get an invoice for my stay?

After booking, you will receive from us detailed booking documentation as well as a tax invoice.
In some cases, you may receive the invoice directly from your host, or even two separate invoices (agency / host).

How does payment work?

Payment for bookings made at least 8 days before the date of arrival are usually paid in a full in a single payment or in instalments as specified on the invoice. For last minute bookings the full amount is payable in cash to the host upon arrival. Various payment options are possible and can be agreed on an individual basis.

Can I book without a credit card and without registering on the website?

You can always pay by direct bank transfer or by credit card through PayPal. Registration on our website is not required in order to book accommodation.

What is the arrangement regarding arrival and departure times?

Normally arrival is in the

afternoon / evening no later than around 8pm and departure is normally around 10 am. The exact times may vary however depending on the accommodation and are therefore listed in the detailed description of the specific property.

In any event, please agree your exact arrival and departure times directly with your host after booking, as this may also depend on the time of departure of the previous guests and the amount of time required for cleaning.

Is there a price reduction for children?

Some properties offer reductions for children.
You can find out whether a particular property offers reduced rates for children by entering your travel dates on the property detail page to obtain the final quote.

How can I cancel a reservation?

Scenario I: short-term bookings at daily rates

For cancellations up to 10 days before the agreed date of arrival, the total booking fee less a cancellation fee will be refunded. The cancellation fee is equivalent to the first instalment (or service charge) specified on your invoice.

For bookings cancelled at short notice (less than 10 days before the arrival date), we retain entitlement to the total booking fee as agreed and stated on the invoice. This applies to both no-shows and short notice cancellations.


Scenario II: Long-term bookings at monthly rental rates

For cancellations of a long-term booking the full amount of the first monthly rental payment is payable; no further payments will be required in respect of the remaining period of the booking.
For cancellations of the remaining rental period during a long-term stay, either the rent for the following month or the balance of the booking is payable depending on the remaining term of the booking, i.e. whether the remaining term of the booking is less than 30 days.

If a host has a different cancellation policy, this is specified in the detailed description of the property.
If you would like to replace a confirmed booking with another new booking, we will consider offsetting the fees payable in relation to first booking against the new booking.