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198 49 yes yes no incl. Guesthouse
  • Features
  • Location
  • Host
  • Additional Services
  • House Rules
  • Booking Conditions
  • Accommodation ID: 1662 checked locally by us
    Host: Ibrahim personally verified
  • Description

    This well-kept hostel with good location in Munich East (near Munich's Trade Fair Centre) offers inexpensive accommodation in 2-bed, 4-bed, 6-bed and 8-bed rooms. The roof terrace with comfortable lounge furniture invites you to relax; the breakfast room on the top floor (4th floor), also with a roof terrace, offers a beautiful view over the city.

    The rooms are simple, practical and clean; the double rooms have single box spring beds, the multi-bed rooms are equipped with bunk beds. Each room has a table with chairs and lockers. The sanitary facilities on the floor are very clean and offer separate units with shower cabins and WC rooms. Also on the floor there is a small kitchen with 2 microwave ovens, a stove with 2 hotplates and a dishwasher. Refrigerators can be rented individually by the guests (3.50 Euro/day, cheaper for long-term rentals).

    Bed linen is included, towels can be rented for 2 Euro/piece.

    Ideal location with short distances to the fair (5 minutes by car or 12 minutes by subway) as well as to the city centre (15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by subway). Nearby there are several restaurants (an Italian restaurant is in the same building) and supermarkets.
  • Features

  • Accommodation

    • up to 198 guests
    • floor: 3. OG
    • elevator
    • terrace
  • Kitchen

    • kitchen available
    • fridge
    • freezer
    • oven
    • microwave
    • dish washer
    • kettle
    • toaster
    • cooking utensils
    • dish liquid & dish towel
    • coffee machine
    • Small communal kitchen on the floor (mainly for heating food brought along)
  • Equipment

    • internet/Wi-Fi
    • TV
    • telephone
  • Room(s)

    • bed linen
    • twin room
    • single bed 90×200
    • single bed 90×200
    • quadruple room
    • single bed 90×200
    • single bed 90×200
    • single bed 90×200
    • single bed 90×200
    • shared room
    • Shared (Multi-bed-) room with 6-8 beds (bunk beds)

      Bed linen is changed once a week
  • Bathroom(s)

    • shared bathroom
    • bathing tub
    • shower
    • towels
    • shampoo/shower gel
    • hair dryer
    • Several shower cabins and WCs in separate units on the floor

      Towels will be provided on request for a rental fee of 2 Euro/piece.
  • Extras

    • washer
    • dryer
  • Children

    • children welcome
    • age 0-2 = free of charge
    • age 3+ = same as adults
    • bedside cot
    • baby's high chair
  • Dogs

    • no dogs allowed
  • Smoking

    • non-smoking accommodation
  • Parking Space

    • parking space available
    • Free parking is available around the house on the street.
  • Host

    Ibrahim Host
    Arabic, German, English, Turkish
    Current message from host: I'd be happy to welcome you as my guest!
  • Additional Services

    These additional services can be agreed with your host after your booking:
    • breakfast, € 6,50 per person per day
    • towels, € 2,00 per person
  • House Rules

    Dear guests!
    As always, when many people come together in one place, it is helpful to set a few rules for the benefit of all. Most of them are self-evident for you anyway and will not limit the pleasure of your stay; and that things that are forbidden by law (e.g. illegal drugs and weapons) are not allowed here either, is clear to everyone.

    Mutual respect is the key to everything. If everyone behaves in such a way that other guests are not disturbed, a big step towards an untroubled stay has already been taken. Therefore you will surely understand that we pay special attention to the following points for the benefit of our guests:
    1. Smoking is forbidden in the whole house * In case of violation we have to charge you 200 € for the increased cleaning expenditure and associated loss of turnover. Should the smoke detectors trigger firefighting operations, we will also have to charge you for these considerable costs.
    2. Pay attention to your volume, especially with open windows and during the night from 22.00 - 06.00 o'clock. The night's rest also applies to the entire area. Please be considerate towards the residents on the way to your accommodation. In case of conflict, we reserve the right to keep "noise machines" such as radios or CD players until your departure.
    3. It is forbidden to bring alcohol with you and to consume it in the room.
    4. Dogs may be brought when booking single or double rooms for a separate fee. Please make sure that they also behave quietly and are leashed or secured on their way from/to the room.
    5. Enjoy your stay! If something should not correspond to your conceptions, please point out to us immediately, also on possible damages, so that these can be charged to the causer.
    6. Serious and repeated harassment of other guests may lead to termination of the accommodation contract without notice, claims for damages and house ban.
    7. We would like to point out that public areas in the house may be under video surveillance for your safety.
    8. Apropos security: Please remember the escape routes in case of fire and the location of the fire extinguishers. For reasons of fire prevention, the preparation of warm food and beverages in the rooms is not permitted.
    * Smoking lounges may be available in individual cases.

  • Booking conditions

    • Minimum stay: 2 nights
    • Maximum stay: by agreement
    • Check-in: on the day of arrival 2:00 pm to 12:00 am
    • Check-out: on the day of depature 5:30 am to 10:00 am
    • Security deposit: none
    • Cancellation: default (view details)


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Do you have any questions?

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