max. Guests Room(s) Kitchen Children Dogs Internet Accommodation type
30 12 yes no no incl. Aparthotel
  • Features
  • Location
  • Host
  • Additional Services
  • House Rules
  • Booking Conditions
  • Accommodation ID: 1615 checked locally by us
    Host: Helga personally verified
  • Description

    The apartment house especially for craftsmen is located in the commercial area of Aschheim, 6 km from Munich / Exhibition Center. It offers 2, 3 and 4-bed apartments, each equipped with a private bathroom with shower/toilet, a kitchenette, a seating area and a flat-screen satellite TV. Free parking - also for vans - are available in front of the house.

    The host of this house also owns a nice hotel nearby and offers there apartment rooms in a similar style but with higher standard.

    Shops for daily needs and restaurants are nearby.
    Very good connection to the highways.

    The weekly cleaning is included; for long term stays a final cleaning will be charged.

    Attention: The prices shown online are base prices, which may change according different seasons / fair times and refer to the cheapest form of accommodation! Please inquire in advance in each case and get the current offer.
  • Features

  • Accommodation

    • 30-45 m²
    • up to 30 guests
    • floor: 1. OG
  • Kitchen

    • fridge
    • freezer
    • oven
    • microwave
    • dish washer
    • kettle
    • toaster
    • cooking utensils
    • dish liquid & dish towel
    • coffee machine
  • Equipment

    • internet/Wi-Fi
    • TV
    • telephone
    • Wi-Fi is available for a fee of 1.00 Euro / 24 hours.
  • Room(s)

    • bed linen
    • 12 different sized apartments for 2-4 persons in single beds, each with its own bathroom / kitchen
  • Bathroom(s)

    • 1 bathroom
    • bathing tub
    • shower
    • towels
    • shampoo/shower gel
    • hair dryer
    • Each apartment has its private bathroom and kitchenette!
  • Extras

    • washer
    • dryer
    • Washer and dryer can be used for a fee in the partner hotel 700 m away.
  • Children

    • no children allowed
  • Dogs

    • no dogs allowed
  • Smoking

    • non-smoking accommodation
  • Parking Space

    • parking space available
    • Free parking is available in front of the house.

      The reception/hand over of the keys is in the partner hotel 700 m away.
  • Host

    Helga Host
    German, English
    Current message from host: I'd be happy to welcome you as my guest!
  • Additional Services

    • Host does not offer any additional services
  • House Rules

    • Please observe the generally applicable house rules:
      Carefully handle the equipment, respect our neighbours in terms of noise and leave the property in good condition. Thank you!
  • Booking conditions

    • Minimum stay: 3 nights
    • Maximum stay: by agreement
    • Check-in: on the day of arrival 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
    • Check-out: on the day of depature 7:00 am to 11:00 am
    • Security deposit: none
    • Cancellation: custom (view details)


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Do you have any questions?

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